best organic store award in Spain 2014

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premi3The BioCultura prizes, awarded annually by “Asociació Vida Sana”, are the most prestigious in Spain. store which opened La Unió de Llauradors in March two years ago, has won the prestigious award for best BioCultura bio property in Spain this year that annually grants Healthy Living organization. They are the most important annual awards given in the ecological world around the State level. Tomorrow, at 19.30 hours, collected the award at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona Secretary General of La Unió Ramon Mampel and the store manager, Betlem Albero.

The jury awards in innovative project space, made with creativity, responsibility, whose main goal is direct farmerconsumer relationship and the right price. The store; located in central San Vicente street, 16 Valencia (Spain), was the first step of an ambitious project culture, sale and distribution of certified organic fruit and vegetables proximity and other products. It also has a online shop: with further reference of organic products on the market that allows pick up your order at home or in a collection point. Serves products throughout Spain.

The shop design featured the participation of two National Awards, one National Design Award and artist Paco Roca, National Comic Award and won two Goya awards. The first was the author of the concept and design of the store and the second takes the drawings of a wall that is located at the entrance of the store.

La Unió cultivated for more than ten years ago an area of ​​over 50 hectares in the Marsh of Moro-between SaguntoPuçol (Valencia,Spain) and primarily organic vegetables. Most of the other products comes from other farmers in the vicinity. In Store products come directly from the farmer to the consumer, without any intermediaries. The preparation of different retail formats is performed in logistics center located in the Valencian town of El Puig de Santa Maria, in full garden of Valencia, certified to European standards ecological facilities equipped with a system of full traceability the producer to the customer to guarantee the origin of the products.

Ramón Mampel general secretary of La Unió, says the award is an incentive to continue to grow and more and more consumers join Valencia enjoy fresh produce at reasonable prices, finished to bring the field, and also healthier because no chemicals Mampel says “we sell direct production we grow on our farm and other farmers of Valencia mainly used, all without any intermediariesWe are leading organic producers in the European Union so the 35% of organic food consumed in Europe comes from the Spanish state. Now if only the growth in domestic consumption and therefore we focus on your day with our physical store, online and after our global ecological project distribution”.

Other awards BioCultura 2014 award personage conscious of this 2014 edition has gone to Santiago Santiveri, eco-gourmet restaurant in Xavier Pellicer Barraca de Barcelona and the television news section in the program “la aventura del saber TVE, the radio program El bosque habitado” RNE, the Internet for Efe Agro, in press Anabel Pascual Efe Agro and bloggers to blog Benito Nina

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