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puntdesabor.com is mainly engaged in the direct sale of organic products from producers to consumers without intermediaries. The products sold are fruits and vegetables produced locally.

puntdesabor.com has been created by La Unió, the bigger and most representative professional farmers´organization in Valencia created more than 35 years ago to represent the social, professional, economic and cultural interests of farmers and people living in rural areas in Valencia.


La Unió cultivates a farm of 50 acres located in the Marjal els Moros (Sagunto-Valencia) a Natura 2000 protected area (ZEPA and RAMSAR area), next to the Center for Environmental Education of Valencia. Here we produce high quality local varieties of vegetables and fruits such as leeks, onions, artichokes, potatoes, lettuce, cabbage and smooth, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes  chard and spinach. The farm has been certified since 2002 by the Committee of Organic Agriculture in Valencia (ES-ECO-020-CV). In order to offer a broader range of products, other certified organic farmers from Valencia who produce local varieties according to the European standards also sell their production through puntdesabor.com. In this way intermediaries are avoided and fair prices for both producers and customers are ensured. As a result consumers get high quality fresh and tasty products at good prices.


puntdesabor.com logistics center is located in El Puig de Santa María, 10 km North from Valencia. The facilities, European organic standards certified (CV-2962-E), ensure full traceability from the farm to the consumer.

puntdesabor.com shop is located in the center of the city, in San Vicente street, 16, Valencia (between Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento). In this way consumers have an easy access to high quality fresh fruits and vegetables locally produced.

Puntdesabor.com offers the best quality price ratio for organic products.


Puntdesabor.com has an online shop where you can order your basket. You will find a description of all the products as well as general information about the project and the producers involved



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