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puntdesabor is an initiative and distribute directly the consumer organic vegetables and fruits as well as other European standards certified organic products

Why is it better organic fruit and vegetables?

In puntdesabor, we strive daily to have the best certified organic fruits and vegetables. We leave this post from our consultant Maria Dolores Raigón (Universidat Politècnica de Valencia), where it is argued why organic products are better...

Wine guide

Every time we have more Valencian organic wines in our catalog, we have practically everything that is produced in our territory. The guide is only a sample of all the references that we are the wineries are participating; so want to consult our web all organic wines we sell. If you do not know the Valencian organic wine, this is your chance to know him.
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puntdesabor in La Sexta (spanish channel TV)

In puntdesabor have the best organic fruit and vegetables you can find in the market. Remember that our organic products are certified according to European standards, which distinguishes us from any other organic shop. Here you can see us in La SEXTA (spanish TV channel), in an article called “farmers jump to intermediaries”....

product: Organic onion hamaemi

Our onion harvest is ready … It’s been a slow and laborious process of cultivation, but the work has paid off. The result: a spectacular onion produced by us in one of the most fertile lands of Valencia, the Marjal dels Moros (Sagunto). Do not forget in your order !! ...

product: Organic Artichoke

Artichoke and artichoke, Cynara scolymus, undoubtedly one of the vegetables most appreciated for its nutritional properties and its value in traditional cuisine. The artichoke is a perennial plant native to Africa that is widely grown around the world, and no wonder, because this plant as its flowers (artichoke) and their leaves for its excellent medicinal and nutritional properties are used.
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the recipe: The complete Nourishing bowl

Nourishing bowls are the best way to get your nutrients in wintertime. We tend to eat in a hurry, often the same kind of food every day, without fresh ingredients, and we don’t provide our body the nutrients it needs to function correctly and to naturally detox day by day...
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