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puntdesabor is a project of cultivation, sale and distribution directly without intermediaries organic vegetables and fruits and other certified organic products according to European standards

Why is it better organic fruit and vegetables?

In puntdesabor, we strive daily to have the best certified organic fruits and vegetables. We leave this post from our consultant Maria Dolores Raigón (Universidat Politècnica de Valencia), where it is argued why organic products are better...

10 organic detox foods for a body resistant holidays

Any excess is bad for the body, and the times of festivals, filled with multiple lunches, dinners and various commitments, become an obstacle for most. If you want to avoid go on a diet after a period of excess, you just have to follow a healthy and balanced diet to maintain about your body and at the same time, we offer a detox cure. So, discover the foods that help you control the excesses...

puntdesabor in La Sexta (spanish channel TV)

In puntdesabor have the best organic fruit and vegetables you can find in the market. Remember that our organic products are certified according to European standards, which distinguishes us from any other organic shop. Here you can see us in La SEXTA (spanish TV channel), in an article called “farmers jump to intermediaries”....

product: Organic eggs

Our organic eggs are farm The Teularet in Enguera (Valencia – Spain) and have nothing to do with what can be found in any store. Eggs from hens that are free and eat organic feed. A natural product of the highest organoleptic and nutritional quality. We also have them from organic farm las Mestras in Cheste...

product: Organic purple garlic

Purple garlic white garlic unlike their heads are medium in size and robes that cover the teeth are a characteristic violet or purple. The meat of purple garlic is yellowish white, off white meat from other varieties. Purple garlic while having an average of 8 to 10 teeth per head, white is larger and contains an average of between 10 and 12 teeth...
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the recipe: Detox vegetable soup

This week we present a very simple recipe to prepare, it takes very little and in addition to bring you many nutrients helps to detoxify and remove waste from our body...
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