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puntdesabor is a project of cultivation, sale and distribution directly without intermediaries organic vegetables and fruits and other certified organic products according to European standards

puntdesabor creates the largest showcase of Valencian organic oils you can find in the market

We are not just a store organic fruit and vegetables, we strive every day to have a variety of healthy and proximity organic products. Firstly with Valencian organic wines, champagnes, beers and liquors where worked hard to have the most elaborate references in our land and that you can enjoy them in our online shop....
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Why is it better organic fruit and vegetables?

In puntdesabor, we strive daily to have the best certified organic fruits and vegetables. We leave this post from our consultant Maria Dolores Raigón (Universidat Politècnica de Valencia), where it is argued why organic products are better...

Our Blog

Remember in our blog section, you'll find all kinds of articles related to organic farming. The section is divided into 3 sections: Last News, Products and Recipes. We emphasize the recipe section, where you can enjoy all kinds of healthy recipes. And the best thing is that most of the ingredients you can buy in our online store and have them in your home in 48 hours.
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new product: Organic goodies

In puntdesabor not only have the best organic fruit and vegetable market but also have a wide range of organic products. This week we present a new product that we know you will like a lot, they are the new organic and healthy goodies of the Valencian company Sweefruit...

collection point: Ecocentro Puerto Sagunto

We have a new collection point. This is the store Ecocenter Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia - Spain), with twenty years of activity. It is located on Avenida Camp Morvedre, 123. You can pick up your orders there on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18 to 20.30. The telephone number is 96 268 25 87 and the contact persons: Juan and Rodrigo

the recipe: Pasta with pesto and organic vegetables

In puntdesabor have the best organic fruit and vegetables you can find in the market in Spain. Remember that our organic products are certified according to European standards, which distinguishes us from any other organic shop... read more ->