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puntdesabor is a project of cultivation, sale and distribution directly without intermediaries organic vegetables and fruits and other certified organic products according to European standards

give flavour, give health, give local and sustainability give a present puntdesabor

Do you want to make an original gift? You can give away or make a gift of local and nearby, green products, very healthy products that are beneficial to our bodies, for the environment, for our area. Buying our products benefit everyone....

Why is it better organic fruit and vegetables?

In puntdesabor, we strive daily to have the best certified organic fruits and vegetables. We leave this post from our consultant Maria Dolores Raigón (Universidat Politècnica de Valencia), where it is argued why organic products are better...

product: Organic Oranges

Leaders in organic food, ¿¿how are not going to be with organic oranges, star product of our land ?? Remember that are certified organic oranges, this last part should have it in mind. Requires certificate, is a guarantee that the product comes from organic farming. First we start with the organic tangerines and now with organic oranges,...
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new product: Organic nougats

In strive to have the best organic products of Spain. This week we present organic nougats. We now have two suppliers of organic and traditional candies are from Jijona (Alacanti), of course. We have nougats La Colmena that we had last year and this year there is and also another provider El Abuelo...

Our wines

We open the "Wine" section on our blog. Here you will find them all actuality of the ecological Valencian wines. Our expert Arrutzi Najera will present a weekly wine and we explain their properties, pairing and tasting notes. This week we suggest the organic red wine lasavesdepaso from the cellar "viticultores lo necesario" ...

the recipe: Eggplant with tomato sauce and garlic eco

Cut the eggplant into slices 1 cm. Salt them and you put them to drain 1h. in a colander or over weight. Chop unpeeled big tomatoes, just taking away the trunk.Add enough oil to boil in a saucepan. Fry the dried eggplants with paper. Then drain the oil on a paper towel. Leave just a little oil in the pan and lower the heat... read more ->